Our Natural Paddock is dedicated to the study and observation of horses. It is based on a system of natural boarding devised by Jaime Jackson and known as Padock Paradise ®, the present and the future of horse care, which aims to create the most natural environment possible, so as to give the horses a stimulating space allow them to meet their physical and mental needs.

More information here about the Natural Paddock and its horse family.

Here you can see videos of the horses of Natural Paddock.

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We currently have the largest Natural Paddock in Europe; We manage 15 hectares of land with a system of tracks that consists of varied surfaces with climbs, descents, jumps, hard and soft surfaces, sunny and shadowy areas, dry and wet locations.

On these tracks lives the Natural Paddock herd.

We offer visits for our hotel guests on the tracks where you can watch the horses and read informational texts with explanation of our philosophy: Bitless and barefoot horses, eating only fodder, accompanied by their species without competitions or disciplines; a friendly relationship based on respect and harmony.

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