When booking, the customer must provide a credit card number with expiration date and authorize Boutique Hotel & Spa Les Vinyes to make a charge for the amount of your booking.

Otherwise, the reservation will not be made firm.

-One night stay: 99 Euros

-Vouchers: 100% of the stay, not valid during bank hollidays, easter or new year

-Two night stays: 99 Euros

-Three or more night stays: 50% of total budget

-Bank holidays, Easter and New Year 100% of the stay

Cancellations made one week before the arrival date, have cost 10 euros.

Cancellations made during the previous week mean the total loss of the amount charged.

Also cancellation policy will apply to those cancellations made during the stay at the hotel without having complied with the room nights, which will be paid in full.


  Telf: +34 650 375 366

  Vilardida, 13

  43812 Montferri